Our pharmacists possess the clinical expertise and ability to be an information resource for prior authorizations. We recognize how important it is to secure medication payment approval for each patient and have the patience and attention to detail to ensure that happens.


We work with the healthcare team to obtain clinical information needed to complete the prior authorization. We relieve the burden for your medical team members – you will not be receiving the usual amount of phone calls.

Medication Synchronization

All medications are refilled at the same time every month We carry all HIV, Hep C and other specialty meds that other pharmacies do not carry due to cost.


Technicians posses the skills to identify and assist in breaking down the barriers that inhibit medication adherence.


Our Pharmacists are clinical experts and are an information resource for prior authorizations. They are patient, meticulous and tenacious and understand how important it is to secure medication payment approval for each patient.

Free Home Delivery

Delivered by our own drivers in a convenient and secure way.

Financial Assistance

Before patients come in, we research for coupons and apply the discount.

Allow Us to do the work

We do all the leg work which allows you to focus on the patient and not the additional administrative burden.

Check-ins & Follow-ups

Our pharmacy technicians reach out to patients by telephone at regular intervals to proactively check for adherence to medications.

Better Service

MediLink’s medication therapy management model has made an impact on adherence.

Need Specifics

We can make you and your patients’ lives easier.
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